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Change Request Ranking Website

Welcome to the Technical User Forum (TUF) website. This site is designed to enable the Intergraph® User Community to put forward Change Request ideas. Once an idea has been submitted, it undergoes peer review by the entire user community. Intergraph® will provide responses to all highly Ranked ideas.

Now's your chance. Join the team, put forward your ideas and let's Make Change Happen!!

This Months Top 5 Ideas
ID# Idea Ranking Intergraph Commment
CR# 126184 Transfer PG/Location of object while in non-working status. Administrators / Users with Full C...8.5
CR# 120529 The “TRANSFER” option is not available for Drawings and WBS items 8.5
CR# 96077 Cannot place a branch olet on a reducer or specialty component. Currently the software only allow...8
CR# 131311 Speciality placement on Tap does not respect end prep compatability tables Placement of a spec...6
CR# 16891 Require a command/rule in SP3D similar to what was in PDS allowing the user to route pipe based o...5.8
Intergraph's Latest Idea Commitments
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